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Plot to Kill us FURTHER thickened.. started a DECADE ago
re: anti-microbials

04-06-2021 by Wayne Paul

Hi there:
An antibacterial hand soap I have used almost 20 years "safeguard" became harder to find in the last few years, and LO! it has received relabeling and an ingredient change!

towit: there was a push by a plethora of liberal/environ[mental] psuedo appearing 'agencies' with "out of the can" websites pressuring (by lawyer representatives) pressuring the FDA to BAN TRICLOCARBAN/TRICLOSAN (an anti-microbial/bacterial) from counter soaps, hand soaps, HOSPITAL BAR SOAPS that doctors used for more than 55 years SAFELY!!

these groups crafted all sorts of dreamy hypothetical stories (WITH ZERO EVIDENCE) that possibly, maybe, hypothetically there is a remote chance that 1 out of a possibly quadrillion qazillion GRUBWORMS or other creature might have 'mood swings!'

ANSWER: They were deadly against GRAM-POSITIVE BACTERIA!

QUESTION: What causes the greatest percent of 2ndary infections in serious covid cases?
ANSWER: MOST infections in covid cases are caused by GRAM-POSITIVE BACTERIA!

THIS IS NOT A COINCIDENCE!! this was planned, a plot, it is SHOCKING to think of the breadth and scope of this evil scheme!

precurser links: (grab the biblios!!!) (grab the biblios!!!)

the meat'n potatoes..

this pandemic MUST be related to this crap so help me...

God Bless,Wayne Paul (NOT a doctor)

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